2011 Official Tournament Results

On Wednesday, November 16th, the 10th Annual Racers’ Invitational Fishing Tournament, proudly presented by Sports Marketing Consultants, Inc., unfolded at the Holiday Isle Resort and Marina in Islamorada, nestled in the captivating Florida Keys. NASCAR sponsors, inspectors, crew members, and industry professionals converged for an exhilarating Backcountry Fishing Classic, signaling the commencement of Ford NASCAR Championship Week at the Homestead-Miami Speedway. Sports Marketing Consultants Inc. took charge of hosting both the Guide Meeting on Tuesday and the Awards Party on Wednesday, providing a platform for anglers to share tales of an exceptional day of fishing on the waters of Florida Bay.

The Tournament Director, Drew Patey, presented distinctive commemorative trophies.

Left to right: Tournament Director – Drew Patey, Dan from The Richard Petty Driving Experience, guide Teddy Benbow and Todd from Coors at the 2010 Racers Invitational Fishing Tournament presented by Wunderman in Islamorada, Florida.
  • 1st Place Backcountry Angler – Dan and Leigh Griswold – NASCAR Inspector and guide Scott Keller
  • 2nd Place Backcountry Angler – Cory Richardson – NASCAR Flagman and guide Randy Stallings
  • 3rd Place Backcountry Angler – Tony and Chris from The Decal Source guided by Kiwi Hughes